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Who we are

A European collective of professional athletes, leadership experts and changemakers striving to combine ancient wisdom with modern science.

We aim to open higher states of consciousness to individuals helping them to see more, feel better and redefine their own game. Which means waking and living up to their highest potential.

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” — Alan Watts

Our training

Coach Team

A team of executive coaches and high-performance athletes certified & trained by Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler from the Flow Genome Project, the world’s leading voices in Flow and Peak Performance science.

Johannes Mahler


Previously, Joe built a global community in over 40 countries with over 20,000 people participating in their online courses at Comfort Zone Crusher. He is the former CEO of Triggin, a practical personal development suite and CMO at HEROcoin &, where he led the marketing strategy for the first regulated Initial Coin Offering in the entire European Union and Austria’s first cryptocurrency. His passion for human optimization – better living through science – and drive to create a sharpened neurochemical cocktail for everyday tasks like surfing led him to become the youngest certified Peak Performance Coach in the scientific field of flow & and altered states of consciousness.

Raphael Braun


After playing field hockey professionally in Sweden and the US, Raphael began an early career as a coach at the age of 21, becoming the youngest field hockey coach in Austria. He then dove deep into the realms of the mind, experimenting with various breakthrough performance enhancement techniques before working for and applying them to the Austrian National Youth Hockey Team. Raphael is one of the first certified coaches of the Flow Genome Project.

Achim Feige (53)


The transformation architect, human potential coach and author of several management books enables entrepreneurs, CEOs and top executives with the latest neuroscientific findings and techniques to access higher states of consciousness and flow.

From these states you – grown internally, equipped with new mindset and qualities – will master the transformation into a new business world, with more sovereignty, courage and ease. As a person, leader and their organization.

His concern is to turn leaders of all kinds into self-developers, bridge-builders and architects of a new business world in which the development of human potential, top performance and positive impact are not contradictory but complementary.

Alexander Evatt


He is the founder and CEO of New Direction, a New Zealand based enterprise inspiring and supporting a new generation of leaders and teams to lead from wholeness and regeneration, to be a positive force for the evolutionary transformation now needed in the world. His drive in personal, organizational and societal transformation is a natural expansion of his conscious upbringing in New Zealand and Finland – learning from pacific indigenous elders to nordic entrepreneurial tycoons. Building the bridge between higher states of consciousness and leadership he became the youngest certified conscious business change agent followed with a Masters in Leadership and Change Management. He gives workshops and speaks internationally connecting the dots of how all change starts from within; “by shifting our (often) conditioned and limited perception of reality we can leverage our everyday brilliance and our organization’s collective wisdom and impact”.

Stefanie Stebegg


Stefanie has been actively involved in the startup and founding sector since 2009 and has already initiated and co-founded numerous corporate programs for cities. Startup founder of teamazing, HR responsibility at Mercedes and building her own Sugar Free and Healthy Performance Community describe her big passions very well. She has always been passionate about providing the right support along the path to success and growth, so she currently helps entrepreneurs* integrate their Healthy Performance Habits into their business for the long term. She quickly realized that a healthy body, as well as mental and spiritual well-being, are essential drivers for success and for developing potential. As a certified biofeedback trainer, she works in the coaching field and uses subconscious body values in the same way in business metrics. She loves the scientific exploration of new things and guiding people on the path to their best version. As a peak performance coach, she is part of Higher States Collective and Vertical Development.

Patrick Thiele


As a world & olympic champion’s mental trainer, flow performance coach for business leaders and author of the book “FLOW HACKING”, Patrick provides game-changing transformation for mindset, happiness and flow.

After co-founding PRO MIND ATHLETE, one of Europe’s biggest mental training centers in sports, he started applying the mental strategies from elite sports to business while working with leadership teams from companies like Google and Meta.

He is driven by elevating human potential and raising human consciousness, two cornerstones for transforming the world from within.

Our Mission

To open-source the science behind flow states and make it applicable so individuals and organizations can thrive faster & easier.

Part of

A European association of transformation specialists with offices in Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo, and Zurich.