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Living in Flow & Beyond

Learn to play the infinite game and perform from a higher level to put your personal dent in the universe.


Going beyond yourself to access more information, inspiration and a deep knowledge of who you really are.


Releasing emotional and unconscious blockages that hold you back from living to the fullest, heal yourself and finding more clarity


Exploring the spirit of community to connect,  show up to co-create in group flow and have a positive impact .

What others say about
training with us

    The World feels “a little” broken right now.

    Time is speeding up and it doesn’t get any simpler. In between juggling our own physical and mental health, doing meaningful work, caring for families and communities between corona, climate change, societal division, information distortion and digital transformation, it may sometimes feel like a lot.

    The new ways of dealing with all that complexity get outdated faster than we can put them in a text book, but we have always been able to rely on ourselves. Our bodies, hearts and minds. 

    So: We are the leaders we have been waiting for. To wake up, grow up and show up.

    Our Approach:

    We are working with open-minded human-beings that have a strong will to develop their own potential and expand their capacity to create a meaningful impact beyond themselves.

    Based on real world research from the brightest minds in flow, neuroscience, psychedelics and mystery traditions.

    Broken down to simple, actionable steps we can all take to access higher states of consciousness, live as our best selves to serve ourselves, family, friends and community and beyond.

    Living in FLOW or BEYOND YOURSELF means thriving and building resilience as things get more complex to conquer the collective challenges we face – and not running away.

    How does it work?

    Online Module 1

    Living in the End: Human 2.0

    You’ll explore how the world’s most successful people think, see and bend reality. You’ll learn how to create your ideal future and use tools from neuroscience and epigenetics to live it in the present moment.

    Online Module 2

    Prepare for Higher States

    You’ll evolve into an executive athlete and build a bulletproof foundation, resilience and inner stability for unseen dimensions of novelty and new connections.

    You will make your biology work for you, not against you. That means learning how to sleep better than you ever have, dialing in your recovery practices and making yourself immune to burnout.

    Online Module 3

    Opening the Gates

    Hands-on methods, to leverage the strongest evolutionary drivers and play your own nervous system for new insights, more clarity and better relations.

    You will explore breathing, movement, sexuality, music, and substances, the everyday tools that open the gates to go beyond yourself, hold multiple perspectives and show up for a better world.

    Deep insights from neuroscience and psychology open the mysteries behind ancient wisdom and experiences that regularly cause death by astonishment. 

    Online Module 4

    Sensemaking & Integration

    Staying rational in irrational realms.

    We explore and honor the tricky nature of those powerful experiences without falling into the usual pitfalls of magical thinking, cults and conspiracies.

    We offer safe frameworks for wiring through newly gained information for healthy and safe application in everyday life.

    Rational tools to separate signal from noise today, and to assist your own sense and meaning-making processes to show up as a strong & resilient leader.

    Online Module 5

    Creating a personal & permanent Dent

    Creating an inner compass with deep meaning to bring your own imagination to fruition and let the effects ripple outwards.

    How you can leverage the newly gained insights, avoid bliss seeking to create your own legacy for future generations and build a healthy impactful community around it.

    Live Retreat

    OPTIONAL: Live Retreat (invite-only retreat)

    Connecting the future collective.

    An optional invitation for those who are serious about training and developing themselves with good intentions in their hearts.

    Real-life experiences that bond together, create long lasting relationships and a shared sense of purpose to show up for all of us.

    The goal in any of these teachings and gatherings is never to win the game but rather make it possible for all of us to keep playing.

    What results can you expect?

    Specific benefit: You learn to develop in a playful way and to overcome your own and societal limitations.

    Rejuvenate your biological age by years and surf the wave of change with more energy, creativity and playfulness.

    Adopt the emotion of your dream life in the very NOW and pull others up along with you.

    Make better & faster decisions in the chaos of modern life with a clear inner compass.

    Remove all self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and feelings of being overwhelmed in order to be fully present with your mission and your loved ones.

    Access higher states of consciousness on demand, make sense of the new information and act responsibly for the good of all.

    How to master the triangle of transformation (ecstasis, catharsis & communitas) to become an effective servant leader with a positive effect on this world.

    Learn how to decode the mystery with modern scientific tools and approaches and use the inspiration for everyday life.

    OPTIONAL: Experience a live 2-day retreat with transition ritual to become a transformative leader

    Erfahrungsberichte über
    unseren Trainingsansatz

    • Robert

      CEO X.Y.0.1.

      “The program was life-changing. Both on a personal and professional level, my team and I benefited significantly.”

    • Markus

      Managing Partner, PANTARHEI ADVISORS

      “After the Peak Performance Mindset program with Achim, we developed a whole new understanding of our vision – and not just in our heads, but as a holistic, almost physical feeling.”

    • Monique

      Head of Marketing

      “A lot of things have changed in my life throughout the program because of all the practical tools I could integrate in my daily practice. They helped me to feel better, sleep better and see things from a completely different perspective.”

    • Bo

      Country Manager

      “I became aware of what’s truly important for me. It´s not all about work, it´s about being one whole person and this gives me so much energy and wellbeing in my life. For me that´s the biggest discovery and change.”

    • Knut

      Vice President

      “With this program it was the first time I can really say it changed my life. I realized for the first time that I was embarking on a journey. Mentally and physically. It sets off a chain reaction, you are more alert, your environment notices, you work more focused, and you get into the flow easier”

    • Tim

      Chief Financial Officer

      “There was a surprising amount of detail in the program which I could see working for myself after the application in my daily life. Through focusing more on myself I could expand my capacity for my private and professional life. This was a very rewarding process to go through.”

      This is for you if you want to…

      …self author your life and find access to your highest possibilities of human consciousness, performance and leading others by example a new and smarter way of living and working from the zone and beyond.

      ..actionable tools from technology, neuroscience and biology to wire through today’s information overload and rapidly changing world, and make sense for yourself instead. feel responsible to help out and serve others (family, friends, community and beyond) and lead them through the uncertain times ahead. and experiment with the mystical with the approach of a scientist, without landing in a cult or a fairytale world full of magical thinking.

      “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness
into our awareness.”

      Lao Tzu

      Our Mission

      To open-source the science behind flow states and make it applicable so individuals and organizations can thrive faster & easier.

      Part of

      A European association of transformation specialists with offices in Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo, and Zurich.